Custom Trikes by Tweekd

3 Wheel Recumbent Trikes by Tweekd Custom Cycles

If you’re looking for a unique trike that’s ergonomically friendly and gives you a fun, pain-free way to exercise, the recumbent trike design from Custom Cycles by Tweekd is exactly what you’ve been hoping for.

Our custom trike frames feature the delta design – one wheel forward and two in back.  This gives you excellent handling ability and superior stability while letting you enjoy hours of cycling without the regular aches and pains.

Custom Trikes Built to Fit Your Unique Needs

Each adult trike by Tweekd is customized to fit your unique needs.  Short, tall, large or small, our recumbent trikes are tailor-made to suit you, giving you a custom trike that works and feels like no other.  We even offer special recumbent trike carrierCustom Adult Recumbent Trikess that can hold up to 700 pound loads.

If you’ve always wanted to enjoy the thrill of cycling, but health concerns like disabilities, aging or even ordinary aches and pains kept you from getting out there, our trikes and electric trikes give you a fun, alternative way to burn calories and have a blast at the same time!

Recumbent 3 Wheel Trike7 Reasons Why a Recumbent Trike is Healthier and Safer Than Your Average Bicycle

Our recumbent trikes offer numerous benefits when compared to an ordinary bicycle, including:

  • A wider seat that reduces or eliminates sore buttocks

  • An upright sitting position which reduces back and shoulder pain and stiffness while making breathing easier

  • Less strain on the shoulders and elbows

  • A full-support seat which helps prevent added spinal pressure and pain

  • Easy to reach handlebars which relieve numbness or tension in the wrists

  • No prostate pressure

  • The ability to ride for a longer period of time and enjoy the benefits of cycling without the stiffness and soreness!

A Recumbent Trike Offers More than Just Health Benefits!

Everyone has seen a bicycle, but few people have ever seen a recumbent trike!  You’ll be amazed at the people who will stop and admire your new unique trike!

Plus, since you don’t have to shift your body around to get comfortable, you can cycle for hours without worrying about losing your balance.  Your custom trike provides a very comfortable seat for outdoor events!

Riding a trike is economical too, giving you greater freedom and independence while freeing you from the high price of gas.  You can get out and experience the beauty of nature while riding at your own, comfortable speed.

It’s so engaging and fun, you’ll forget you’re actually burning calories and building muscle at the same time!


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